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November 2015

German EMS Business Elektronik Journal, Germany's leading Electronic Publication.

February 2009

Valuation of distressed and insolvent companies: Development of prediction models for company recovery. 

May 2008

"Invaluable, what is the value of distressed companies? Prediction of bankrupcty recovery with a click" in: Finance

January 2007, p. 1-8

"Recovery or Liquidation - Bankruptcy Recovery Prediction as an early warning tool" in: Risiko Manager

04/2005 p. 54 - 62

"Improved distressed debt risk measurement through SPLIT rating systems" in : Rating Aktuell

03/2005 p. 30 - 44

"Lost Loans - P&L improvements from origination and workout of corporate loans through better LGD estimates" in: Risknews


"Attractive returns through problem loans" in: Börsen-Zeitung

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