Transaction Services

Corporate Transaction Services

FaMAS provides services related to corporate finance transactions incl. LTA negotiation support for investors with German automotive OEM customers. While some engagements have been beyond EUR 1bn, most of previous work is focused on investment size from EUR 2 – 25 Mio. per transaction. Almost all services related to corporate finance transactions are covered including company search, selection, evaluation, due diligence, negotiation support, stakeholder management, local financing, post transaction support, interim management, management recruitment, etc.

shutterstock_139298210FaMAS managers have provided such services to many diverse companies – multibillion multinationals as well as small companies. Work experience includes support on more than 50 transactions since 1995 in Germany and 20 other countries. Where necessary, FaMAS acts as project manager, also coordinating legal, tax and industry specialists.

As of 2013, FaMAS worked with clients from about 30 countries across more than 20 industry sectors. FaMAS is a specialist for deep value, special situations, distress or turnaround companies. While the investment returns are attractive, most of these types of companies are risky for foreign investors. Based on an analysis of almost 1000 companies, FaMAS has developed an empirically tested recovery prediction model, which uses empirical academic research as well as practical deal experience. This methodology helps to significantly reduce the risk for foreign investors. Our team speaks 7 languages, which helps reduce misunderstandings.

While there are many “me-too“ competitors, we believe we are the only German based specialist advisor on distressed SME company transactions for foreign investors.

Customized due diligence and transaction advisory support includes:

  • General project coordination support for the Client
  • Negotiations and processes on Long-term agreements (LTA) with German automotive OEMs for investors since 2008
  • Domestic deal financing support
  • Structured finance advisory
  • Valuation of assets, debt structures and equity
  • Individual preliminary opinion about possible legal, tax and audit support in relation to a corporate finance transaction. However, FaMAS does not provide binding tax, legal or banking related services. Should such services be required FaMAS may help find suitable service providers in Germany.
  • Provision of 3rd party industry experts on almost any kind of German industry sector
  • Specialist consultants for purchasing, operations and sales improvements
  • Commercial company due diligence services
  • Business development planning and execution
  • Services related to foreign work-permit and residence issues for investors
  • German market entry support
  • Translation services
  • Headhunting for interim and permanent positions in the target company
  • Other services related to items listed above