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About FaMAS

FaMAS supports companies in special situations in the areas of Corporate Finance and Business Development. FaMAS has supported more than 40 small and medium-sized businesses since 1995. The size of the companies comprises small businesses with sales of less than EUR 10 Mio. and large businesses with several billion euros in sales. Based on an analysis of almost 1000 companies, FaMAS has developed an empirically tested recovery prediction model, which uses empirical academic research as well as practical deal experience.


Service Lines

The scope of activities comprises three areas that are interconnected within our respective engagements:

FaMAS Capital

Business Development

Transaction Services

Direct Investments in Special Situation

In total, we have personally spoken to more than 4,000 companies and 1000 investors over the last 8 years. That is why we know that companies in special situations require specific financing options. FaMAS Capital therefore structures financing on a case-by-case basis, e.g. banks, private investors or mezzanine financing.

Growth strategies with and without new capital

Growth must be part of company’s strategy. Through the analysis of hundreds of companies and practical implementation in many others we have developed a distinct expertise for growth. Combined with the relevant finances this helps you achieve your growth goals and surpass your competitors

Services for companies and investors related to corporate finance transactions

FaMAS provides services related to corporate finance transactions incl. LTA negotiation support for investors with German automotive OEM customers. While some engagements have been beyond EUR 1bn, most of previous work is focused on investment size from EUR 2 – 25 Mio. per transaction. Almost all services related to corporate finance transactions are covered including company search, selection, evaluation, due diligence, negotiation support, stakeholder management, local financing, post transaction support, interim management, management recruitment, etc.